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In Our Best Interest LLC is an educational consultancy firm dedicated to developing high quality educational programs throughout public, private and charter school systems. Our goal is to provide quality educational resources, supplies, management and consultancy to meet today’s educational challenges. Whether you’re looking to recharge the energy in your teaching staff, increase the rating of your school, or build community relations and parent involvement In Our Best Interest can assist you with your goals.  

Our consultants have assisted many public, private and charter schools in evaluating programs, identifying needs, and creating a comprehensive plan for school improvement. Each plan for improvement is unique and tailored to each individual school’s needs. 


To create a quality educational provision where world class educational resources, supplies, management and consultancy can provide integrated educational solutions to today’s educational challenges.


Our mission is to become the premier international world class integrated educational services provider.

Click here to read more about In Our Best Interest LLC including our ratings from the NYC Department of Education, client reviews and testimonials, client survey results and more.  



With close to three decades of experience in private, public, and charter schools in New York City, Dr. Dennis McKesey is a highly accomplished education professional. He is the Founder and CEO of In Our Best Interest LLC and The Off School Grounds Coalition, Inc.


Dr. McKesey holds a graduate degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Business Leadership Development Program and an Educational Doctorate from the University of New England. He is also an alumnus of Mercy College, with accreditations in School Administration and Supervision.


As a former principal at one of the nation's most prestigious charter schools, Dr. McKesey has established a proven track record of success. He has implemented effective strategies to enhance student learning, mental and social-emotional growth, and urban school reform and community development.


Passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience, Dr. McKesey regularly consults with teachers and administrators at schools and districts nationwide and presents at school leadership conferences. He strongly believes in the importance of effective school leadership and its role in fostering community involvement in education.


Since May 2022, Dr. McKesey has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Organization & Leadership Public School Building Leadership Department (Summer Principals Academy NYC) at Teachers College Columbia University. His expertise and experience make him a valuable asset to the department and to aspiring school leaders.


Dr. Dennis B. McKesey is a dedicated, innovative, and resourceful education professional. His commitment to enhancing students' learning, mental and social-emotional growth, and urban school reform and community development fuels his passion for education. With his extensive educational background and accomplishments, he continues to make a profound impact on educators and students alike.

"Powerful ~ Innovative ~ Out of the box thinking ~ Supportive ~ Guaranteed Success

These are just a few of the words that best describes working with Mr. Dennis McKesey. As a new Principal, his ability to support me with a new lens of looking at data has been priceless. Working with him has resulted in successfully moving our school from a Renewal School to a Rise School with no State designations in just a few short months. It is a pleasure to have Mr. McKesey as part of the team."

~Marie Desforges, Principal Phillis Wheatley School  P.S. 328 Brooklyn, NY

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