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In Our Best Interest works closely with school leaders to design and accelerate ambitious plans in strategies for effective teaching, leadership development, as well specialize in planning for implementation and building widespread, bipartisan support and understanding for change. With well over 30 years experience in education, we are confident that the support services offered will lead to increased student achievement and improved school culture.  We have assisted several schools implement various strategies to improve school efficiency and take pride in each of our success stories.

Approved Vendor in the following school districts:

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1. Expertise and Experience: With nearly three decades in the education sector, our hands-on experience allows us to offer unmatched insights and practical solutions tailored to the unique challenges of every educational institution.


2. Certified Excellence:  We are a NYS and NYC Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), solidifying our reputation and adherence to the highest standards of service.


3. Comprehensive Solutions: From school audits and curriculum development to leadership training and strategic planning, our wide array of services ensures we can address every facet of educational needs.


4. Personalized Approach: We understand that each institution has its unique needs and challenges. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all; they're customized to fit the specific goals and aspirations of each client.


5. Proven Impact: Our track record with the NYC Department of Education, having influenced over 100 public and charter schools, stands as a testament to our positive impact and dedication.


6. Commitment to Leadership: Recognizing that transformative changes stem from empowered leaders, we prioritize cultivating robust school leadership, ensuring sustainable growth and development.


7. Bipartisan Support: Our knack for fostering widespread understanding and support for transformative changes means our strategies resonate across the board, ensuring holistic acceptance and implementation.


8. Student-Centric: At the heart of all our initiatives is the aim to amplify student achievement. We constantly innovate to ensure students get the best possible learning experiences.


9. Partners in Growth: We don’t just offer solutions; we work alongside institutions as dedicated partners, deeply invested in their growth, success, and the welfare of their communities.


10. Unwavering Dedication: Our name encapsulates our philosophy. Every strategy, every solution, every training module we offer is truly in the best interest of education and community welfare.


Choosing "In Our Best Interest LLC" means choosing a future where educational institutions are equipped, empowered, and ever-evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow.


"As a first year principal, my work with Dennis was invaluable. He has been an amazing resource and thought partner who understands the milestones of leadership. He is supportive, knowledgeable and honest. Although he is equipped with models and examples of best practices, there is special care and attention paid to individual needs of your school. Dennis' work and support goes far beyond that of an average consultant and it is great to know that I always have someone to call on for even the simplest of questions."


~Raevan Askew, Former Principal, The Jermaine L. Green STEM Institute of Queens, NY

"The work of In Our Best Interest has supported District 31 in a remarkable way. From presentations to our mentors, to supporting struggling school leaders and sharing best practices from the field in helping providing a robust learning experience for our students - is all commendable. I am impressed at the level of commitment and follow-through by this vendor. The vendor acknowledges and respects the unique nature of our district and works to find out our goals and objectives."

~Dr. Marion Wilson, Superintendent District 31  Staten Island, NY

"Mr. Dennis McKesey is knowledgeable and well versed in leadership development. He has supported my leadership growth in monitoring and revising school-wide systems, building school culture, curriculum development and utilizing data to refine Standard Based Maps. As a result, I scored favorably on my Quality Review and PPO. I am extremely thankful I made the decision to invest in a consultant company that is committed to meeting the unique needs of my school. I will continue to work with Mr. McKesey through my tenure as principal."

~Dr. Rochelle Hinds, Principal Hale A. Woodruff  P.S. 224 Brooklyn, NY

“Mr. McKesey’s work at PS 165Q is far from done. He is continuing to support our school with social emotional learning, and culturally responsive teaching. We are eager to continue our professional partnership with him because we know it will ensure teaching that is intentional, impactful, and measurable.  I am humbled and honored to work with Mr. Dennis McKesey.”

~Tiffany L. Davis-Nealy, Principal Ida Posner P.S. 165 Queens, NY

"I was fortunate to meet Dennis McKesey during my first year as a principal and he has played a critical role in my leadership and the school’s success.  Dennis has enabled me to think outside the box in terms of leadership. Dennis works closely with the instructional cabinet, looking at teacher effectiveness, teacher teams, school data, and so much more. This year Dennis guided me through my first Quality Review and for the first time our school received a preliminary rating of proficient in all indicators. I look forward to working with Dennis for many years to come."

~Francesca Joseph- Fleurant, Principal P.S. 052 Queens, NY

"It was a pleasure working with Dennis. He was instrumental in working with the cabinet members around leadership andinstructional issues. It was a pity that I did not have the funding for him to continue to provide services for our school."

~Farid Reyes, Principal Hector Fontanez School P.S. 103 Bronx, NY

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