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In light of the COVID- 19 Pandemic, the need to create a virtual platform to support, mentor and coach school leaders was undoubtedly essential. Off School Grounds provides such opportunity in conjunction with creating a “safe space” for school leaders to network and share best practices for their continued growth and development.


This virtual platform also fosters the development of innovative leadership practices that allows school leaders to exchange ideas and advance educational opportunities for students of color.

Who Leads the Session?

 Dennis B. McKesey - an experienced educator, leader and executive coach that has trained scores of school leaders throughout the country through his unique style of leadership development

What will be covered in the session?

 The weekly discussions cover a wide array of education and leadership domains that include; Each session extends the opportunity to relax and unwind before engaging in intellectual dialogue with the presence of a live DJ. At the onset of the meeting, the facilitator shares an opening message followed by the topic of the day.


The topic lends itself to an open forum for principals to reflect and express relevant issues within their school communities. The closing consists of an inspiring message from an invited guest, who is a leader or pioneer in their respective field.

The Goal


Off School Grounds is committed to combat education inequity of marginalized students in urban communities by challenging school principals to be change agents and advocates for children. The coalition supports the premise that it is a nationwide responsibility to minimize the achievement gap for underserved children that reside in this country’s poorest communities. Off School Grounds has intended to be a beacon for school leaders during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The platform will continue to amplify national dialogue among school leaders to provide greater opportunities for students of color thereafter.


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Every Thursday 4-5pm EST via the Zoom App

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